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The ProcessBolt Platform


ProcessBolt AI

AI-assisted vendor risk management, and real-time threat monitoring platform. 



Attack surface management and security rating solution.



Document intelligence and analytics.


Share Center

Secure and timebound document sharing for the enterprise.


Assessment & RFP Response Solution

Answer questionnaires using Knowledge Base and documents with AI assistance.

ProcessBolt Assessment & RFP Response Solution

Automate responses to questionnaires in their native format.

ProcessBolt Assessment and RFP Response Solution

Automatically populate responses to questionnaires and RFPs using your past Q&A sets with our Enterprise Inbound platform.

ProcessBolt Assessment & RFP Response Solution

Minimize your workload by auto populating responses to questionnaires and RFPs using your past question and answer sets. The Enterprise Inbound platform employs proprietary AI technology, which enables customers to automatically respond to any assessment or questionnaire based on your own historical responses.

How ProcessBolt Assessment
& RFP Response Solution Works


Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a centralized information hub, streamlining the process of delivering prompt and consistent responses. With our user-friendly platform, importing your organization's existing Excel or CSV questionnaires is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly build up your Knowledge Base.

Alternatively, if you're starting from scratch, our AI technology can read all of your policy documents and populate the knowledge base. As your Knowledge Base grows with answers to commonly asked questions, you'll be equipped to efficiently respond to new assessments using the wealth of data at your fingertips.



This is our secret sauce, leveraging proprietary DNLP to auto-respond to questionnaires and assessments in the assessment’s native format, whether it is Excel, Word, PDF, or the Browser. We utilize context-aware search to locate pertinent records in your Knowledge Base to auto-complete questionnaires almost instantaneously.

This context-aware search allows ProcessBolt to effectively correlate similar questions within your Knowledge Base, ensuring a successful match even when the searched question is not an exact match.


Pre-Emptive Information Sharing

Includes a data warehouse, which enables sharing of key documents at any time with customers.


Collaboration Features

Assign specific questions to your colleagues, or collaborate with them through the app to create your response.

Features & Benefits


Reduce Sales Cycles

Accelerate the completion of RFPs and security assessments during sales processes



Proprietary AI technology allows you to quickly auto-populate assessments and
RFPs, ensuring consistency and alleviating redundant work


Time Savings

Reduces time to complete assessments by +85%


Format Agnostic

Respond natively to any questionnaire or RFP format utilizing plugins for Chrome, Excel and Word


Ensures Consistency

You no longer need to worry about inconsistent answers across questionnaires or using stale information through leveraging our robust collaboration and knowledge base review functionality


Fast Setup & On-boarding

An instance can be set up quickly and training is fast and easy.  Begin answering assessments in no-time

Receive Assessments or RFPs? ProcessBolt Can Help!

Assessment Questionnaire

Populate common questions with your answers to auto-complete assessments.


Knowledge Base

Import a CSV of common assessment questions and answers into your personal Knowledge Base.


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