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The ProcessBolt Platform


ProcessBolt AI

AI-assisted vendor risk management, and real-time threat monitoring platform. 



Attack surface management and security rating solution.



Document intelligence and analytics.


Share Center

Secure and timebound document sharing for the enterprise.


Assessment & RFP Response Solution

Answer questionnaires using Knowledge Base and documents with AI assistance.

ProcessBolt ThreatScape

Attack Surface Management Platform protects against gaps in your company’s and your vendors’ digital ecosystem by identifying and monitoring internet facing assets.

ThreatScape Attack Surface Management Platform

Risks are monitored, threats are detected, alerts are issued immediately, and actionable intelligence is provided to mitigate threats in real-time.

ProcessBolt ThreatScape Verifies Assessment Responses

ProcessBolt’s ThreatScape actively correlates attack surface data with assessment responses, ensuring the alignment and consistency between the two. By simultaneously analyzing the vendor’s internet-facing attack surfaces and assessment responses, ThreatScape validates the accuracy of the assessment by verifying its correspondence with real-world attack surface data.

With ThreatScape, you can detect adverse changes in your vendors’ security posture continuously, and leverage attack surface data to verify assessment responses


Data Collection

ThreatScape’s proprietary sourcing algorithm gives it the unique ability to provide the most accurate and real-time attack surface intelligence possible.

ThreatScape sources its own data instead of relying on purchased, often stale batched data. Identify risks that may not be uncovered in the vendor risk assessment process or risks that surface in between assessments.



ThreatScape’s proprietary scoring algorithm looks at billions of data points to calculate a vendor score across 4 different domains – data security, domain reputation, e-mail security, and network security.

Customer definable scoring methodology helps clients define their business context with their vendors to get an accurate picture of their security risk exposure.


Actionable Intelligence

ThreatScape provides actionable insights for risks that are identified, enabling organizations to share these findings at no cost, ensuring timely remediation of issues.


Effortless Reporting

Easy-to-understand dashboards and reports provide you with complete visibility into your own, and your vendor network’s attack surfaces.

How ThreatScape Works

Features & Benefits


Real-Time Attack Surface Data

We source all of our data internally and do not rely on batch data, which is often stale


Real-Time Alerts

ThreatScape notifies you of any adverse changes in an organization’s security posture, ensuring that these gaps in security are immediately addressed before it is too late



ThreatScape correlates attack surface data with assessment responses, ensuring the alignment and consistency between the two


Facilitates Timely Remediation

We provide actionable intelligence and do not charge vendors to receive access to their ThreatScape findings, making sure they have access to all relevant information so they can remediate risks

Gain Insight and Automate Alerts to Reduce Risk

Get your Free ThreatScape Report Today!

ProcessBolt’s ThreatScape can help you protect against gaps in your company’s and your vendors’ digital ecosystem by identifying and monitoring internet-facing assets in real-time. Get your free ThreatScape report today.

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