Automate Vendor Risk Assessments

ProcessBolt is a state-of-the-art vendor risk assessment platform which is guaranteed to save you time.

Need to assess your vendors?

Enterprise Solution

Getting assessments from your clients?

Vendor Solution

For Vendors:

Never delay sales and on-boarding again by re-keying risk assessment spreadsheets. Our unique autoresponder makes completing risk assessments as easy as a click of a button.

  • Manage requested risk assessments for all clients, from one platform
  • Easily view prior risk assessments
  • AI powered auto fill for risk assessment surveys
  • Private team collaboration on survey responses and remediation
  • Prescriptive remediation guidance and ability to work with our network of risk expert partners to remediate risk factors

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remove redundancy

For Enterprises:

Risk management should not be spreadsheet management. Replace spreadsheet-based risk assessments with an automated solution that delivers quantitative and actionable vendor risk data.

  • Request, manage, and view supplier assessment status
  • Visualize and analyze third and fourth party risk
  • View high risk suppliers and collaborate on remediation plans complete with status alerts
  • Data source integrations driving responsive analytics and dashboard
  • Reporting for board, management, auditors and risk advisors

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risk management professional

Risk Management Professional: One simple platform saving time and dollars

  • Purpose built workflow to ease risk assessment process
  • Library of assessment survey templates to get started quickly and easily
  • Automated notification process to keep all stakeholders informed
  • Assistance with risk assessment and verification
  • Easily delegate supplier management
  • Intuitively categorize definitions of scope by controls, risk assessment frameworks and assessment service type
  • If you want to join our risk professional partner network, please drop us a note

Key Features

  • Pre-configured and easily customizable assessment templates (BITS SIG, HECVAT, NIST, CAIQ, and more)
  • Quickly attach evidence and artifacts to assessments
  • Meaningful notifications and alerts
  • Role based access control
  • Two-factor authentication

ProcessBolt Empowers Your Process

Whether you're a client, vendor or service provider, ProcessBolt can not only simplify but accelerate your enterprise risk management process. Schedule a demo today to see just how easy vendor risk assessment questionnaires can be.

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