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2023 Data Breach Prediction Results


In January of 2023, we published 50 Companies that will be Hacked in 2023 highlighting a redacted list of 50 organizations that we identified as likely to suffer a breach in 2023. With ProcessBolt ThreatScape, we can use publicly available information to analyze an organization’s internet-facing attack surface, which gives us valuable information on its security posture. For this exercise, we utilized publicly available attack surface data and the machine learning integrated into ThreatScape to identify 50 potential cybersecurity breach targets.

This was our first attempt at making these predictions.  We expected to find one or two of the organizations eventually breached. As it turns out, 9 of the 50 organizations on our list were victims of various sorts of cybersecurity incidents that were publicly disclosed.

In the original prediction blog, we did not publish the names of the organizations on the list, only the bcrypt hashes of the organization and domain name.  The name, domain, and hash of the organizations that were breached are as follows:


1.) Airbus North America Holdings
  • Domain:
  • Redacted hash: $2a$14$DvY9JwcbT7I8cgtlZh.m/ex8k6DUlq8kbDk6c.kgTFtlu0Ntg8SCm
  • Breach information: link here
2.) Credit Suisse
  • Domain:
  • Redacted hash: $2a$14$0NnEI/STH1u2HHZkrJkXGumY6oW7uUVcDEVI941TXIpo3ebgKtBTy
  • Breach information: link here
3.) Fulton Bank
  • Domain:
  • Redacted hash: $2a$14$kOvDtsVrs0BhQxQWzHjAvO1VH8qOJ5P8kUfA3zqgir1N/e6Sc/JMW
  • Breach information: link here
4.) Harley-Davidson
  • Domain:
  • Redacted hash: $2a$14$m45tLypDX1X3RAoXTU.a1OzrYd6rqItuwq2wDRhtclyUpRxUTSF86
  • Breach information: link here (requires captcha)
5.) Kaiser Permanente
6.) National Basketball Association
  • Domain:
  • Redacted Hash: $2a$14$z2lFF2nyJp2nav7tVLh0kO50UlJjOJ40CvTZxN8CkCRIRbu5SXjtK
  • Breach information: link here
7.) North Carolina Baptist Hospital (Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist)
  • Domain:
  • Redacted Hash: $2a$14$29PcB7zfwb9k.Aqaf1pKeur87ELQSc0LlglU0.PdBmd3hhq8uXczK
  • Breach Information: link here
8.) Repsol Energy North America Corporation
  • Domain:
  • Redacted Hash: $2a$14$L/6SiJGavI9yiW3C8VnxgeisA/sFFSWduCrnzXkMGL0p8dnWYvPWa
  • Breach Information: link here (requires captcha)
9.) St Rose Hospital

Looking Back

The objective of this was to shine a spotlight on the state of information security (or lack thereof). There are a couple of key takeaways from this experience.

  • Organizations need to be extremely vigilant about managing their attack surface. As indicated by our 18% success rate, weaknesses in an organization’s attack surface can contribute to costly breaches.
  • Continuously monitoring your vendors’ attack surface is critical to a comprehensive vendor risk management program. We can identify weaknesses in vendor security posture from publicly available information and this attack surface data is key to identifying and mitigating vendor risk.
  • There are common threads to these breaches like open databases, deprecated software and encryption protocols, unpatched applications, etc. We do not go into detail in this blog to avoid providing roadmaps for rogue actors, but we are happy to share our findings privately.

Looking Forward

We are preparing 2024’s list of organizations we think are ripe to be hacked in 2024. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the world as a whole is making much progress, and many of the same indicators of weakness will probably be used in 2024.

Stay tuned for the 2024 predictions…

In the meantime, get in touch with us to today to learn more about how ThreatScape can help you monitor your attack surface and secure your supply chain.

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