CYRISMA Builds Partnership with ProcessBolt

Rochester NY, 5/19/2021 — CYRISMA, which offers a data-centric security ecosystem, today announced a Strategic Partnership with ProcessBolt.

“ProcessBolt shares our belief in bringing simplicity, affordability, and accessibility back to cybersecurity. We are glad to be a part of the GRC landscape and working together with ProcessBolt, we form a very strong solution to help our customers meet their governance and compliance needs,” said Liam Downward, CEO of CYRISMA. “Working together with ProcessBolt means that our clients can now effectively improve their security posture by managing the ever-changing third-party risks and automating the landscape of threats while continuing to benefit from Cyrisma’s cyber risk management ecosystem.”

“We welcome CYRISMA as a strategic partner as we see several synergies in our effort to help our clients effectively manage their risk,” said Mike Kelly, CEO of ProcessBolt. “Cyrisma offers a deep foundation of essential, automated cybersecurity functions with very minimal deployment effort. Combined with ProcessBolt’s focus on business risk management, together we bring a very complete solution to the table.”


CYRISMA was founded in Rochester, NY in 2018 to bring accessibility, affordability, and simplicity back to cyber security. CYRISMA is a SaaS based ecosystem that provides a single interface to identify sensitive data, vulnerable systems, and insecure configurations with accountable and effective risk mitigation. Organizations that utilize this solution see significant ROI against their key resources (time, money and people), while meeting compliance mandates. The company is backed by StartFast, and other investors. For more information, contact: