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Cybersecurity News

Understanding and Managing Software Supply Chain Risk

What is Software Supply Chain Risk Management and Why Are People Starting to Care About it? In today’s interconnected digital landscape, managing software supply chain risk has become increasingly vital for organizations. Software supply chain risk refers to the...

Delegation Domain User Unconstrained Delegation Praetorian Syntax
- Overview Unconstrained delegation is a feature in Active Directory that allows a computer, service, or user to impersonate any other user and access resources on their behalf across the entire network, completely unrestricted. A typical example of a use case for unconstrained delegation is when certain services require access to another server or back-end database. When a user authenticates to a computer with unconstrained delegation, that user's Kerberos Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT) gets saved ... [Read More]

Exim Servers Attachments Mail Agent Exploitation
- More than 1.563 million internet-exposed Exim mail transfer agent servers are susceptible to potential exploitation of an already patched critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-39929, which could be leveraged to evade email security defenses and prompt the delivery of malicious executable attachments,  The Hacker News  reports. The U.S., Russia, and Canada accounted for most of the vulnerable Exim servers, which are on versions 4.97.1 or earlier, according to a report from ... [Read More]

Exim Servers Exim Mail Vulnerability Censys Flaw
- Nearly 5 Million Servers May be Affected, Only 82 Have Been Patched Administrators have been slow to patch a critical vulnerability in Exim Mail Transfer Agent couldenables threat actors to bypass email security filters and deliver malicious attachments directly to user inboxes. Exim, a widely used MTA on Unix-like operating systems, serves about 74% of the 6.54 million public-facing SMTP mail servers visible to Censys. The security firm said 4.83 million Exim servers could be vulnerable, with ... [Read More]

Exim Vulnerability Servers Security Attacks Emails
- Based on past attacks, It wouldn't be surprising to see active targeting this time too. More than 1.5 million email servers are vulnerable to attacks that can deliver executable attachments to user accounts, security researchers said. The servers run versions of the Exim mail transfer agent that are vulnerable to a critical vulnerability that came to light 10 days ago. Tracked as CVE-2024-39929 and carrying a severity rating of 9.1 out of 10, the vulnerability makes it trivial for threat actors ... [Read More]

Spyware Apple Users Attack Notification Device
- The second wave of attacks troubles iPhone users across the globe. Apple mercenary spyware attack notifications have recently reached iPhone users in 98 countries, alerting them to potential security breaches. This marks the second time this year that Apple has issued such warnings, with a previous notification campaign occurring in April across 92 nations, as reported by TechCrunch . Since 2021, Apple has been vigilant in notifying users about these threats, covering over 150 countries. The ... [Read More]

Microsoft Vulnerability Outlook Users Community User
- Microsoft updates are making headlines this month, with multiple Windows vulnerabilities ( 1 , 2 ) making the US government's list of those known to have been exploited in the wild. Now a new report strongly suggests 500-million Outlook users may be running that same level of risk from "a significant… zero-click remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability that impacts most Microsoft Outlook applications." Microsoft has advised users to update their software, warning that "exploitation is ... [Read More]


Malware Php Campaigns Vulnerability Muhstik Malware Script
- Easily Exploited Vulnerability Becomes Major Target for Malware Campaigns, Botnets Multiple threat actors began exploiting a critical vulnerability in PHP scripting language within a day of its public disclosure last month, according to security firm Akamai. Administrators are advised to patch immediately. Within days of the disclosure, the Akamai Security Intelligence Response Team spotted several malware campaigns taking advantage of the PHP vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-4577 . The speed ... [Read More]

Security Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability Authentication Cve 2024 38021
- Security researchers from Morphisec recently discovered a serious security hole in Outlook . Called CVE-2024-38021, this is a zero-click remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability that can allow unauthorized access to your system without a single click. The issue apparently affects most Microsoft Outlook applications and doesn't require any user authentication. In the worst-case scenario, CVE-2024-38021 can lead to potential data leaks, unauthorized access, execution of malicious code, and other ... [Read More]


Attacks Mirai Botnet Researchers Zergeca Botnet Zergeca Intrusions
- Organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Germany have been targeted with attacks involving the novel Zergeca distributed denial-of-service botnet last month, The Hacker News reports. Most of the intrusions from early to mid-June were ACK flood DDoS attacks but Zergeca had additional capabilities that enhanced its flexibility, according to a report from QiAnXin XLab researchers, which found that attacks originated from a command-and-control address that had been used for Mirai botnet distribution ... [Read More]

India Post Fraud Information Cybersecurity Triad Messages
- A recent surge in fraudulent smishing attacks impersonating India Post, the government-operated postal system, has prompted warnings from Indian authorities and cybersecurity experts.  The Press Information Bureau (PIB) issued alerts in June urging vigilance against suspicious messages falsely claiming to be from India Post, part of India's Ministry of Communications. This tactic, known as smishing, involves sending deceptive SMS messages to trick users into divulging personal information ... [Read More]

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