Automate your third-party risk assessment questionnaires with ProcessBolt

Third-party risk assessments are necessary to protect businesses from threats, but they can be frustrating, time-consuming, repetitive, error-prone and inefficient for vendors.

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As threats increase, so too will the number of questionnaires you receive.

Your security team wastes valuable time completing similar assessment questionnaires over and over when they should be protecting your own business. As a vendor, you need an efficient process to manage the abundance of risk assessment questionnaires in your future.


  • Submitting all questionnaires to a Knowledge Base that houses your risk assessment answers.
  • An automated workflow that keeps all documents and emails in one place.
  • Completing all assessment questionnaires with the click of a mouse.
  • Assigning custom questions to various team members freeing up your infosec team’s time to focus on the security of your own business.

That's ProcessBolt.

How It Works:

Save time and improve effiency of your vendor risk assessments when you utilize ProcessBolt's Knowledge Base.

"We’ve improved our vendor assessment process by 90% by using ProcessBolt."

ProcessBolt Empowers Your Process

Whether you're a client, vendor or service provider, ProcessBolt can not only simplify but accelerate your enterprise risk management process. Schedule a demo today to see just how easy vendor risk assessment questionnaires can be.

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