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Today, there are persistently increasing instances of 3rd party risk being exploited in the wild. The risk management processes that seek to address these instances and threats have historically lagged behind in terms of visibility and strength of reporting.

The modern enterprise needs a modern solution to manage their complex and connected vendor landscape, and to have actionable intelligence on their posture in real time.

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Why can’t this be easier?

At ProcessBolt, we believe that there is a better way to measure third-party risk efficiently and effectively. With visibility into your third- and fourth-party risk and compliance scores, you can make informed decisions on where to effectively direct your focus and remediation resources, up and down the supply chain. We are a team of security professionals, engineers and risk management experts who have faced these problems head on, and we have created a single platform to help you manage this process.

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Your risk and compliance program modernized

Now is the time to adopt a more comprehensive, simpler, and faster way of managing risk across the landscape. Book a demo today to find out more about how ProcessBolt is facing the problem head on and dramatically saving time whether you are an enterprise, vendor, or service provider.

Why rely on unmanageable and archaic tools to gather compliance data?

Ditch the spreadsheet and automate your enterprise risk management process with ProcessBolt. Learn how easy it is to streamline your vendor risk assessments and easily manage your entire vendor risk landscape.

Product Features


Assess Risk

Assess your risk management strategy and start a vendor risk management program. Benchmark against industry best practices. Ensure continued compliance.


Create Assessment Process

Build proprietary assessment templates to meet your policies, or choose from our library of assessment templates.


Risk Assessment Workflow

Assign assessments to vendors, manage access, and simplify risk assessment workflow. Automated alerts and notifications to track status without managing multiple spreadsheets.


Analyze & Quantify Risk

Compare vendor responses against each other and against industry benchmarks. Quickly score vendors and evaluate overall risk. Review and analyze your entire supply chain risk landscape. Get quantitative insights that go beyond color or letter grades and help you make informed decisions based on measurable metrics.


Automate Risk Assessment Responses

ProcessBolt AutoBolt analyzes your previous risk assessment responses and your policy documents to develop a unique risk profile for you. We use this profile to auto fill future risk assessments with quantitative confidence scores.


Vendor Risk Assessment Automation

Work with ProcessBolt to get your vendor risk assessment program started. Our network of risk assessment professionals assist you in getting to a world class risk management program.



Collaborate with team members across your organization when you are being assessed. Share your compliance policy and evidence documents on demand using our secure data room.



Work with our risk management expert partners to close the compliance gaps. Improve your risk posture with expert driven insights on prioritization and remediation.



ProcessBolt is designed to scale with your growth. Our pricing plans provide flexibility for all stages of your risk assessment program maturity. With unparalleled service, our goal is to help you grow.

ProcessBolt Empowers Your Process

Whether you're a client, vendor or service provider, ProcessBolt can not only simplify but accelerate your enterprise risk management process. Schedule a demo today to see just how easy vendor risk assessment questionnaires can be.

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