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The ProcessBolt Platform


ProcessBolt AI

AI-assisted vendor risk management, and real-time threat monitoring platform. 



Attack surface management and security rating solution.



Document intelligence and analytics.


Share Center

Secure and timebound document sharing for the enterprise.


Assessment & RFP Response Solution

Answer questionnaires using Knowledge Base and documents with AI assistance.

2023 Data Breach Prediction Results

2023 Data Breach Prediction Results

Introduction In January of 2023, we published 50 Companies that will be Hacked in 2023 highlighting a redacted list of 50 organizations that we identified as likely to suffer a breach in 2023. With ProcessBolt ThreatScape, we can use publicly available information to...
Understanding the Shift From CCPA to CPRA

Understanding the Shift From CCPA to CPRA

The History of CCPA and CPRA The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in 2018, marked a significant milestone in US data protection legislation. It aimed to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, presenting a dramatic...
GDPR and the PII Leak

GDPR and the PII Leak

According to Pew Research Center’s survey of more than 4,000 US adults, six in ten say they don’t think it’s possible to go through daily life without having their personal data collected by companies or the government. And while the collection process is not the...