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Vendor risk management (VRM) is the process of identifying, monitoring, analyzing, and remediating risks and vulnerabilities created by your third-party vendors and service providers.  Why is vendor risk management so important? It helps your organization identify and alleviate any negative impact that may affect your cybersecurity posture, customer data safeguards, regulatory compliance, and overall industry reputation. A robust VRM program ensures that you can minimize the impact of vendor security, reputational or any other adverse incidences on your own organization.

In terms of vendor risk management, due diligence is the comprehensive steps taken to protect an organization from a third-party breach. In the event of a breach, your organization must show due diligence, meaning that it took the necessary precautions to protect the entity, but the breach still occurred.

Build a comprehensive cybersecurity program for your business that includes (but is not limited to) a vendor risk management platform, continuous monitoring of your network and systems, documented policies, and procedures for protecting data, and security awareness training for all employees.

When your sales team is trying to sell your services, often a third-party assessment will be requested. These can slow the sales cycle down to a crawl. Often RFPs are cancelled if the sales cycle is too lengthy. With an automated vendor risk management system, assessments can be completed quickly and efficiently, allowing for a faster sales cycle.


ProcessBolt is an easy-to-use, multifunctional AI platform specifically designed for vendor risk management. Our fully customizable platform allows you to import your own security questionnaires in Word, Excel or web-based forms, and automate the entire workflow process, saving users up to 80% of the time it takes to complete the security assessment process.

  • Assessing vendors
  • Receiving assessments
  • ThreatScape
  • DocAI

All data is hosted within the geographic region of the client. Data is encrypted, in transit with TLS v1.2 Transport Layer Security and at rest with AES 256-Bit Encryption.

ProcessBolt’s pricing is based on the number of vendors you assess. Our pricing model is designed to scale with your vendor risk management (VRM) program, enabling major cost savings. Also, there are no hidden service fees. To determine your pricing level, we recommend scheduling a demo to discuss the number of assessments you’ll perform in any given month.

ProcessBolt is ideally suited to any industry and works with every compliance framework including GDPR, HIPAA, PPACA, STARK LAW, HECVAT, FERPA, NFR, NYSDFS, FINCEN, FINRA, and more.

Yes. We partner with a number of resellers that white-label the ProcessBolt platform. To learn more about our reseller program, please visit our partners page: https://processbolt.com/partners

The ProcessBolt platform is unique in that it offers four components in one: assessing vendors, receiving assessments, ThreatScape and DocAI. Each component is a vital part of any vendor risk management program, and no other company on the market today offers all four components in one easy-to-use platform.


ProcessBolts’ team is with you every step of the way. We help with all implementations at no additional setup cost.

ProcessBolt does not limit the number of users for you or for your vendors. Unlike our competitors, there are no user-based fees, and our program is scalable to fit your needs.

Yes, we offer a full range of integrations with GRCs, ERPs, and platforms like Zapier, Workday, ServiceNow, etc.

Yes, we offer a RESTful API that allows any custom integrations your organization needs.

We are SAML 2.0 compliant SSO.  We work with identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azzure, ADFS, etc.

Training is included with the purchase of ProcessBolt. Our onboarding specialist will walk you through all the components of the ProcessBolt platform and assist you with your first assessment. Ongoing support is available via phone or email.

Support contact information is provided through your SaaS agreement with us. Please refer to the document.

Yes. ProcessBolt is fully customizable and allows you to import your own vendor questionnaires into the platform.

Absolutely, you can build your own from scratch or import from your own library of questions.

Upload your questionnaires or use one from our extensive library, set your risk tolerances and you’re ready for your first assessment. Setup typically takes 1-2 hours.

ProcessBolt is assessment-type agnostic. You can conduct any type of external or internal assessment within our platform.


ThreatScape is an Attack Surface Management and Security Rating System that provides customers with real-time insight about their own and their vendors’ internet-facing posture on a continuous basis, providing actionable insight to improve their security posture. In addition, the AI algorithms automatically correlate a vendor’s internet-facing attack surface data with their assessment responses to present an accurate picture of a vendor’s security gaps. ThreatScape offers an easy-to-use visual dashboard displaying how an enterprise and its vendors are performing over time.

ThreatScape shows you exactly how a hacker views the gaps in your environment as well as your vendors’ environments. By identifying and closing these gaps, you’re strengthening your security posture against hackers.

No, ProcessBolt sources its own risk data and does not rely on third-party data sources.

Yes, customers can share ThreatScape reports with their vendors to create a productive dialogue and help remediate issues as they arise in real time.

As a vendor, you want the most secure environment possible. Vendors who use ThreatScape dramatically increase the security of their systems and data, thus proving their due diligence to potential buyers.

No. Vulnerability scanning performed once a year is inadequate to guard against hackers. By only analyzing the current state of your environment on an annual basis, you’re allowing the potential for unauthorized access to go undetected for the remainder of the year.


DocAI analyzes any t document, allowing you to quickly and easily find certain information. When you ask any English language questions, DocAI responds with the answer gathered from the content.

DocAI can dramatically decrease the time it takes to read lengthy documents, contracts, etc. Is you’re searching for a particular answer to a question, let DocAI find the answer for you, quickly and accurately.

DocAI can scan Word documents and PDFs.